Access Control

Access control is often the first line of defense in building security and can prevent the unauthorized access to a premises thus preventing and delaying the movement of unauthorized personnel within a premises. Their are many forms of physical access control on the market today such as gates, barriers, turnstiles and door locks as well as being integrated with the many forms of electronic door entry solutions such as biometric, swipe and pin code readers as well as video and voice control panels to allow you the user to communicate with any visitors prior to allowing access to the premises.


At OCON we have many years of industry experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Access Control & Door Entry systems so you can have the confidence that we will be able to provide you with a complete solution to meet your requirements and comply with all relevant legislation. We are also able to provide repair services to existing systems which you may be having problems with, so if you are currently unhappy with the service you are receiving from your current supplier or would like a free no obligation quote for the installation of a new system please give us a call today to discuss your requirements with one of the members of our team who will be happy to assist in finding a solution tailored to meet your individual needs.