Making your property fire safe

Passive fire protection needs to be built into the architecture of the building to provide fire safety to all its occupants. These can be done with the help of fire resistant walls, floors, ceilings and doors that can provide safety against flame, heat and smoke. Call us today for expert advice on how to install fire protection measures in your home. We will be on hand to answer all your queries.

When to install fire protection

Passive fire protection attempts to contain fires and slow their spread across the property. It is provided during the initial construction of the building in accordance with the relevant construction standards at the time. Alterations to the building can be made based on the customer’s requirements or changes in legislation.

What we can do for you:

  • Installation, upgrading and maintenance of fire doors
  • Installation of fire-resistant floors, ceilings and walls
  • Installation of fire protective materials in roofs and cavities
  • Installation of fire barriers and curtains
  • Installation of electrical fire protection
  • Intumescent treatment of timber and steel
  • Air seating
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