Solutions to ensure your safety

At Ocon, our security specialists will work with you from the start to the finish to ensure that you are fully protected. We can survey your property and design and install respective safety systems based on your requirements and legal obligations. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today. We will be there to assist you and answer all your queries.

Disabled toilet & toilet alarms

The installation of a disabled person’s toilet alarm/emergency assistance alarm is highly recommended in stores, leisure centres, hotels, museums, churches and other public buildings. This is in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act, the Care Standards Act and BS8300.
Ocon’s toilet alarm systems can be tailored to meet the needs of the property and the customer. We can provide a range of services that meet the operational needs and precise layout of any building. We can also provide modifications, maintenance and repairs to existing systems.

Nurse call systems

Nurse call systems need to be able to deliver quick responses to patient problems to save staff time, minimise disturbance and improve patient care. Hence, efficiency is paramount for these systems.
Ocon can commission, design and install nurse call systems tailored to meet customers’ operational needs. We can also upgrade and maintain your existing systems.

Electrical safety checks

Electrical installation can deteriorate with age and increase the chance of electrical accidents on your property. That is why electrical safety checks are vital to ensure the safety of the users and the serviceability of the equipment used.
Our professional testing services can cover all electrical systems, circuits and wiring. All testing is carried out by qualified professionals, who will then provide you with a report of any electrical problems, such as overloaded circuits, fire hazards, shock risks, lack of earthing and more.

Portable appliance testing

Everyday wear and tear of your electrical appliances can increase the risk of electric shock and even fire. It is the responsibility of employers, institutions and landlords to ensure that all portable appliances on their properties are safe for use. With regard to this, Ocon offers PAT testing to customers.
Our qualified technicians are fully qualified to inspect electrical appliances and check for potential flaws that could present a hazard. Our work is backed up by our comprehensive compliance and reporting pack designed to document the work carried out and the results. This pack includes a full asset register and indication of remedial repairs where appropriate.