Training in the prevention and suppression of fire

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 strict new regulations have been introduced to non-domestic premises across England and Wales. These regulations place direct responsibility on owners or guardians of buildings to comply with the regulations for risk assessments, training and the recording of both. All staff should receive training to ensure full compliance of the order.
Ocon offers a variety of training options, ranging from onsite training to complete fire protection courses. Whether you need to learn how to use extinguishers, or you need general fire safety advice, we offer a whole host of courses that are even available at short notice.

Fire hose with water spray

Maintenance of fire protection equipment

In order to be able to use your fire suppression equipment in an emergency, you need to ensure that everything is in good working condition. The maintenance of fire safety equipment is a crucial part of system compliance to the relevant legislation, insurance requirements and manufacturer guidelines. Ideally, maintenance needs to be carried out at regular intervals to ensure that all equipment is functional. It can also reduce the chance of false alarms.
We offer preventive and corrective maintenance services to all our customers. We can ensure effective fire system operation and extension in the life of fire safety equipment.

Fire with a Fire Fighter in the foreground

Maintenance of security systems

Ocon offers preventive and corrective maintenance services for security systems to ensure that equipment is in good, working condition. We offer our services in compliance with the relevant legislation, insurance requirements and manufacturer guidelines.

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